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Journey with ICL

GBB's alliance with ICL Group Ltd, represents a pivotal success in our company's history. ICL, a global powerhouse in producing essential chemicals for agriculture and industry, has found a reliable partner in GBB for its bulk bag needs.

Our journey to become an approved supplier for ICL was arduous, stretching over 6 years and marked by extensive testing and continuous improvement. Every 3 years, we stood before ICL, demonstrating not just our competitive prices but our dedication to superior quality and service. This process was thorough, ensuring that we met ICL's high standards for their suppliers. It's not just about offering the lowest cost; it’s about consistent quality, reliable delivery, and safe storage.


GBB's relentless focus on these areas has built a strong foundation of trust with ICL, marking a relationship built to last and grow.

GBB work with ICL
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