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At GBB, our relationship with Sugat, Israel's premier cooking and baking ingredient company, reflects our dedication to meeting our clients' unique packaging needs. Our connection with Sugat began early in our history, rooted in mutual understanding and collaboration. Through regular visits to their facilities, we have gained a deep insight into their operational requirements and environmental challenges.

Sugat, a distinguished member of the Sugat Group and supported by the Fortissimo Fund and Poalim Equity, handles a significant volume of baking inventory annually. This demands not just cost-effective and durable packaging solutions, but also products robust enough to withstand the pressures of stacking. As Sugat's trusted FIBC supplier for many years, we have committed ourselves to continual improvement. Each year, we adapt and refine our products to keep pace with Sugat's evolving needs, ensuring timely delivery of high-volume orders.

Our journey with Sugat is a testament to our flexible approach and unwavering commitment to quality, underscoring our role as a supportive and responsive partner in the dynamic field of food packaging.

GBB work with Sugat
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